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VoIP Phone System Setup Services

VoIP technology transforms your speech into a digital signal, which enables you to make calls straight from a computer, VoIP phone system setup, or other data-driven devices. VoIP is replacing traditional ISDN telephone networks. Other names for it include hosted telephony, broadband telephony, IP telephony, and broadband phone service.

When compared to traditional landline calls, communication over IP networks is substantially less expensive and drastically reduces call rates. Voice over IP technology is a more affordable option for long-distance and international calling than standard phone services since it enables call-making via an Internet connection.

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What is 3CX?

This is one of the most reliable and well-known providers of software-based Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems in the world. Their systems enable customers to take advantage of the newest SIP and VoIP technologies, allowing them to move away from outdated and more expensive PBX, Analogue, and ISDN systems, thereby making huge savings.

Another important aspect of 3CX is the independence it gives its users, which is highly relevant given the growing pressure on companies to be more accommodating to the requirements of their staff.

If there is an internet connection, staff members can essentially carry their office extension with them wherever they go. This makes it possible to utilize the 3CX Softphone client on any Windows or Apple PC or laptop in conjunction with extremely “easy to use apps” for Android or iOS.


It makes no difference if you work from an office or home. Moreover, there will be no fees for calls made between employees on the system, no matter where they are in the world.

As you can see from the selections below, there are many options to choose from, but getting a quote from Frozen Computers in Preston is simple.

In What Ways Does VoIP Save Costs?

Why Choose Frozen Computers for VoIP Phone System Setup

Frozen COmputers can provide services and equipment at a reduced cost and guarantee that our specialists are knowledgeable about both technologies and have the necessary skills to connect your phone system to your whole network. As a result, there is less risk and more compliance and compatibility.

Many telecommunications firms have offered subpar solutions since the start of the VoIP revolution. This has frequently led to VoIP installation issues that require outside assistance to resolve. With only one point of contact who is in charge of the entire solution, we can fill that gap.

About VoIP solutions, Frozen Computers may provide end-to-end services such as design, implementation, number porting, configuration, handset supply, and continuous support and upgrades.

Numerous suppliers are offering a wide variety of handsets, such as Fanvil, Yealink, SNOM, Polycom, and others. This covers conference phones for meeting spaces, desk phones, DECT cordless phones, and telepresence.

Frozen Computers can determine the best arrangement for your business, whether you’re searching for Hosted (3CX PBX hosted on our platform in our data center), Private housed (3CX PBX housed on your hardware, or virtual server, in a data center), or On-Premise (hardware on-site to run 3CX).

What makes VoIP superior to conventional phone services
What makes VoIP superior to conventional phone services

What makes VoIP superior to conventional phone services?

When compared to landline calls or traditional ISN services, communication over an IP network or the Internet considerably reduces call rates and is far less expensive. In general, VoIP service providers have cheaper prices than traditional phone providers.

Because VoIP services in Preston are flexible, you may use your office extension to work remotely anywhere you have access to the internet or 4G coverage on your phone.

No, our business voice service has no real restrictions. As many calls, users, and phone numbers as necessary can be made. Furthermore, upgrading from your current plan won’t break the bank. The primary advantage of VoIP technology is its ease of upgrading as your company expands.

Ensuring your internet connection is fast and reliable is all that is required. This will determine the dependability and quality of your calls.

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