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Hard Drive and Memory Upgrades

Getting your computer hard drive and memory upgrade

Getting your computer serviced for a hard drive and memory upgrade is one surefire approach to increasing computer speed. Is your computer running slowly, taking a long time to start up, or frequently displaying the dreaded spinning wheel of death?

Our answer at Frozen Computers to any of the aforementioned questions is yes, your Mac probably needs an SSD update. Getting a professional PC hard drive upgrade in Preston could save you a ton of money by preventing you from having to buy a new computer because operating systems and programs are using more power from computers and Apple Mac systems.

When you need assistance with hard drive replacement and hard drive upgrades, contact an IT support company in Preston that specializes in both Windows and Apple Mac computer repairs. They can give you peace of mind.

Regardless of whether you are using a Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh computer, our SSD upgrade service is here to support you at every stage.

Installing a new hard drive inside your computer is known as a hard drive (SSD) upgrade, and it can improve system speed and lessen the “spinning wheel of death” that is frequently encountered.

If the storage media is not permanently installed on your system motherboard, we can update the majority of computer models and brands from hard drives to SSDs.

To transform your mechanical hard drive into a high capacity, quick throughput SSD storage and begin accomplishing your everyday job tasks like a pro, get the best computer upgrade services in Preston from Frozen Computers.

For better operating system performance and general application stability, you may easily transfer all software and data to the new hard drive, or you can have our help specialists take care of everything for you swiftly.

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Upgrade Services from Hard Drive to SSD Provided by Frozen Computers

Compared to regular hard drives, other drives can increase performance by up to 10 times its typical speed since they are free of moving parts. Vintage MacBook Pro hard drives can be changed to SSDs, and many older iMac hard drives can also be updated to larger-capacity hard drive media in certain situations. This is something that both corporate and residential customers frequently desire.

Is it possible to update your Apple Mac’s hard drive?

While we have assisted many clients with the following computer models so far, not every Apple Mac desktop or laptop hard drive can be changed to an SSD drive:

Upgrade Services for Mini Solid State Drives (SSD) - all models

Many owners of Apple devices assert that they prefer our computer repair services to those of other IT support firms in Preston when upgrading their SSDs because we are always on hand to handle their “Mac upgrade near me” needs with knowledgeable onsite and remote Mac assistance throughout Preston, UK.

In terms of the laptop’s speed, are you looking for something completely different?

The easiest technique to increase the speed of your laptop is to replace the outdated hard disk. The PC will operate more smoothly, Windows will launch and open faster. You’ll think the Internet is even faster! It makes using the computer a lot more enjoyable. Work more effectively and focus on output. Because the SSD drive has no moving parts, it is also more resilient to stress and wear and tear.

Make sure the new hard drive can accommodate the 2.5-inch SSD before replacing it. Next, we swap out the HDD for a 240GB, 500GB, 1TB, or 2TB SSD, depending on your preference.

Next, we install the most recent operating system that is compatible with your laptop. We might choose to copy your private files from the previous hard drive. If the drive isn’t in perfect operating condition, it will be treated as a data recovery service with different terms and a different price range.

Please be aware that Windows and software installations are not covered by the warranty. As system performance is dependent on user maintenance, installing software from an unidentified source, for instance, may result in system damage. However, we are always there to assist; if software issues arise shortly after our service, we will resolve them at no additional cost. You can get in touch with us whenever you need advice.

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