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Cloud Services and Support

Cloud Services and Support

Workforces should be able to securely access and collaborate on internal systems and information from anywhere to satisfy evolving expectations in our more virtualized world. Many companies are using cloud services and support for technologies like Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure to do this.

Advice, installs, migrations, support, cloud backup options, and all in between are available from us. We collaborate with businesses of various sizes, from start-ups to multinational corporations. We can assist with cloud migrations for businesses as well as IT teams wishing to outsource the management of cloud applications.

Optimizing Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Allow Frozen Computes to assist you in integrating the cloud into your IT strategy by navigating the technical jargon. While moving to the cloud may seem complicated, we’ll do all in our power to make it simple for you. We can therefore assist you if you’re unsure about whether to go with hosted virtual machines (VMs) with IaaS, private or public cloud servers, or SaaS apps and servers on-premise.

Although moving to the cloud has many advantages, there are operational and security dangers that your company may face if you don’t prepare and analyze the move with expertise. Our expert team will ascertain your company’s requirements, design a solution to meet those demands and guarantee that your staff can start taking advantage of cloud-based advantages right away.

We’ll select the ideal cloud model for you.

Public Cloud Services and Support in Preston

In a public cloud, you can access resources like virtual machines, apps, and storage via the Internet from a third-party provider. You will be able to save money on hardware and maintenance by not having to set up your physical servers within your organization.

Using a multi-tenant model, public clouds allow you to share processing power with other users while keeping your data private.

With a subscription model, you’ll only pay for what you use, and you can easily scale up or down to accommodate fluctuating workloads and demands. We work with major public cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, helping you with infrastructure migration and full deployment as well as continuous monitoring, management, and support.

Individual Cloud Services and Support in Preston

You are in total control of your environment in a private cloud model, which is yours alone and not shared. Greater control and security are possible with infrastructure housed on-site or in a data center owned by a service provider. Networking, processing, and storage may all be fully customized to meet your company’s demands.

Businesses that need total control over their dynamic or unpredictable computing needs—typically to meet security, governance, and regulatory compliance requirements—are best suited for private cloud computing.

We will use a combination of technologies to develop and construct a dedicated cloud environment that is ideal for your company. You don’t need to worry about anything because we can handle every step of the process, from design and delivery to continuous environment monitoring and administration.

Cloud Hybrid

The Hybrid cloud, as its name implies, combines a variety of environments to meet your unique needs based on what your company needs and where it can operate most efficiently. Since not all workloads are suited for the cloud, the hybrid model combines existing on-premise hardware, colocation, and IaaS with public and private clouds.

Because they can place the appropriate workload in the appropriate environment as their computing needs change, this is a popular option for many organizations. With hybrid cloud support in Preston, you can keep control over your mission-critical data while getting more alternatives, cost savings, and flexibility for your IT environment.

We’ll design a unique hybrid IT environment that fits your company’s demands and offers a scalable, adaptable, and agile solution that supports your ambitions. By utilizing the private cloud for mission-critical workloads and the public cloud to manage demand surges, you may save costs and increase efficiency.

Microsoft Cloud

Transform your company with the Microsoft Cloud. It is the most dependable and all-inclusive cloud on the market, providing access to all of Microsoft’s top-tier products and services.

By combining Microsoft Azure, its public cloud platform that provides over 200 goods and services that are accessible over the public internet, you may speed up innovation from Microsoft’s cloud services. Easily integrate with services like Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Power Platform, and more.

Using Microsoft Cloud will guarantee that your company stays on the cutting edge of Microsoft’s technical innovations and provide you the freedom to mobilize your staff in the twenty-first century.

We collaborate with top-tier UK data centers that are constructed with cutting-edge amenities and the greatest standards of security, resilience, and disaster recovery capabilities. We use a network of high-spec, multi-site facilities across Preston, UK with high-speed interlinks and round-the-clock security, all designed to handle all of your computing needs.

We provide data security and continuity that is unbreakable, with 99.99% uptime assured and strict service level agreements. Our data centers meet all compliance and security standards, such as PCI DSS, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 22301, so you can feel completely secure knowing that your systems and data are safe and constantly available.

Services for Colocation

Instead of keeping your servers and networking equipment in-house, colocation, also known as Colo, is the practice of renting actual space in a data center to house them.

We at Frozen Computers offer third-party data center rack space for your systems at low prices in secure, best-in-class locations throughout the UK. You can expand and have access to the space around the clock. We’ll handle all equipment monitoring, upkeep, and support as part of our completely managed service.

Cloud & Microsoft 365 Services

We can assist you with anything from first guidance to migrations and continuing cloud setup support. Microsoft’s main cloud platform for desktop apps is called Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365). It lowers expenses while enhancing cooperation and operational effectiveness.

Why Collaborate with Frozen Computers?

No Unexpected Charges

Regarding our prices, we are always open and honest. There won’t ever be any unpleasant surprises because there are no unstated costs. Our set fee pricing model helps with cash flow and financial planning, and you only pay for what you need.

Independent Guidance

Our team of professional cloud setup support services in Preston has received extensive training to provide you with helpful, actionable advice on how to make the most use of cloud technologies. Since we don’t favor any one vendor and just care about you, you can trust that we’ll work to develop the greatest solution to help you achieve your long-term business objectives.

Connection Fit for a Business

Since cloud services may be accessed from anywhere in the world, having the proper connectivity set up is essential to success and meeting expectations. You may benefit from speedier connectivity with our selection of affordable, high-speed business options.

Partnerships that Lead the Industry

We’re in a good position to help our clients deploy cloud solutions because of our tight ties with providers. Our exclusive certifications provide us with the specialized know-how and resources to assist with integration.

Using Cloud-Based Technologies has Advantages

The use of cloud computing infrastructure and solutions has a plethora of advantages, such as:

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