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Internet and Network Connectivity Solutions in Preston

Internet and Network Connectivity Solutions

We at Frozen Computers, are aware of how important network and internet connectivity issues in Preston, UK are in the modern digital world. Beyond only hardware and software, we are experts at diagnosing and fixing complex problems related to network and internet access.

Our team of passionate professionals is committed to keeping you connected in the fast-paced online world, whether it’s by diagnosing connectivity issues, optimizing network performance, or guaranteeing seamless internet access.

In the modern, digitally connected world, having constant connections to the internet and networks is essential. Our specialty at Frozen Computers in Preston, UK is offering specialized solutions to strengthen and improve your network and internet access.

Network connectivity options offered by Frozen Computers include ADSL, ADSL2+, fiber broadband, GPON Ethernet, fiber Ethernet leased lines, and 4G. We provide circuits up to 10Gb/s from all of the main UK carriers.

Internet and Network Connectivity Solutions

Our Services Are

Network Troubleshooting

Is there an issue with your network? Our professionals quickly identify and fix problems that are impeding the functionality of your network.

Router Configuration and Setup

Make sure your router is set up to run as efficiently as possible. Routers are configured and set up by our experts to ensure uninterrupted communication.

Wireless Network Optimization

Use our optimization methods to get better wireless performance. We adjust configurations to guarantee a robust and steady wireless connection across your room.

Internet Speed Improvement

Use our optimization techniques to increase your internet speed. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your internet subscription, we examine and optimize settings.

Boost security by protecting your network from possible attacks. We put security measures in place to keep your network and private information safe.


With a maximum downstream speed of 8 Mb/s and an upstream speed of 800 Kb/s, this is a broadband connection. The exchange and your property are connected by the copper lines that are currently in place.

As a result, the environment and distance from the exchange hurt the service’s available speeds and stability. Typically, ADSL broadband installation takes ten business days.


With up to 24 Mbps downstream and 1.4 Mbps upstream speeds, it’s a broadband connection. The exchange and your property are connected by the copper lines that are currently in place. As a result, the environment and distance from the exchange hurt the service’s available speeds and stability. Installing ADSL2+ broadband typically takes ten business days.

Broadband FTTC

With downstream rates of up to 330 Mbps and upstream speeds of up to 30 Mbps, this is a high-performance broadband connection. Higher speeds are achieved by using fiber cabling to the street, which significantly decreases the copper distance.For companies wishing to access cloud-based services through faster, more dependable connectivity, it is ideal. Typically, fiber broadband installations take ten business days.

Remain Connected with Our Network Connectivity Services

Our range of network connectivity solutions includes fiber (FTTC, FTTP), wireless microwave communication, and Ethernet leased lines up to 10Gbps, offering the greatest data connectivity available in the Ashton-on-Ribble, Fulwood, Ingol, Lea, Ribbleton, Penwortham, Howick Cross, Lower Penwortham, UK. With speed and dependability in mind.

Our network connection solutions are made to satisfy the business requirements of office, remote, and hybrid workers. Thus, work with calm and confidence knowing that you have the necessary equipment to be connected at all times.

Remain Connected with Our Network Connectivity Services

Network Configuration, Troubleshooting, and Wi-Fi Setup Solutions

Our team at Frozen Computers in Preston specializes in offering thorough Wi-Fi setup and troubleshooting services, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to your house or place of business. Our knowledgeable staff focuses on optimizing network performance and fixing connection problems.

Setup WiFi Services

Expert Service

Effective Installation

We guarantee a simple Wi-Fi setup, helping you through the installation procedure and setting up your network for maximum speed and coverage.

Enduring Assurance

Range Optimization

Goodbye dead spots in your Wi-Fi signal. Our professionals adjust the Wi-Fi range to provide reliable connectivity throughout your room.

Authentic Components

Network Setup

Personalized to meet your requirements, our staff prioritizes devices and optimizes bandwidth distribution to tailor network setups to your unique needs.

Problem Solving & Troubleshooting


Do you have problems with connectivity? Our comprehensive diagnostic evaluations identify issues and facilitate prompt, efficient resolution.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

Slow or dropped connections? We quickly address and fix connectivity problems so that users can continue to browse and stream.

Expert support

Count on our experienced staff to provide you with step-by-step troubleshooting support, leading you through fixes for typical network and Wi-Fi problems.

Utilize Our Wi-Fi and Network Solutions to Connect Confidently

At Frozen Computers, take advantage of simple Wi-Fi setups, reliable network setups, and professional troubleshooting. Get in touch with us right now to improve connections, fix connection problems, and guarantee a seamless internet experience for your Preston residence or place of business.

Network Solutions
Network Solutions

Why Choose Frozen Computers?

We make sure you’re constantly connected by giving your connectivity demands top priority. Our staff is committed to providing dependable solutions to specifically address the internet and network issues you are facing in Preston.

Avoid letting poor connectivity hold you back. Reach out to Frozen Computers right now for solutions specific to network and internet connectivity. Get dependable and steady connectivity for your Preston house or place of business.

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