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Custom-Built Computer Services in Preston

Custom-Built Computer Services in Preston

Frozen computers in Preston may provide custom-built computer services for you in addition to performing computer repairs. Our comprehensive service involves customizing a system to your specifications instead of relying on pre-made options.

We also add an SSD, or solid-state hard drive, to newly purchased laptops. We repair desktop and laptop computers for general internet use, email correspondence, business use, and even for intense gaming.

The custom-built laptop or computer will be personally repaired at your place of work and set up. If necessary, data from current PCs can be copied over, including documents, family photos, and music.
To assist you on your path, we also provide complimentary antivirus software on your new laptop or computer. This enhances your security when doing online banking, etc. Most major brands only provide a free one-month trial of their products.

If it’s simply your traditional computer that needs to be replaced, buy a new base unit or box and save your old screen! For a quote and discussion, call Frozen Computers at (120) 801 – 1901) or send an email to contact@tokomoo.com.

Building Base Units

Are you trying to find a custom-built computer service in Preston, UK? A desktop PC for work or one for play? Then stop your search right now. Custom-built PC bases and gaming PC bases with excellent build quality and affordability are our areas of expertise.

Frozen Computers offers a wide range of computer solutions, including gaming, home, office, custom-built, compact form factor, media center, and Internet-connected PCs. You have two options for getting our custom-built PC services: utilize our website to place an order, or get in touch with us directly to choose the precise PC parts you require.

What is a Gaming PC?

A desktop computer made especially for playing video games is called a gaming PC. These computers can run demanding games smoothly and at high resolutions because they usually contain high-performance technology, including powerful processors, expensive graphics cards, and quick memory.

They frequently include sophisticated cooling mechanisms and other modifications to enhance their endurance and performance under demanding operations. As a gamer, you can buy a pre-built specification or modify one to fit your requirements, gaming style, and financial constraints.

PCs For Gaming

The best and most potent gaming PC is every gamer’s desire. We are experts in building handcrafted, specially designed gaming PCs for the best possible gaming experience. Don’t worry if you are an expert or a beast at gaming.

We offer custom-built PC services that are appropriate for players of all skill levels! Get the best gaming PC services available from Frozen Computers to enjoy consistently richer and more engaging gaming sessions.

Your go-to source for gaming PCs is Frozen Computers. In addition to building game PCs, we also have fully tailored gaming laptops, gaming monitors, and gaming graphic cards from major manufacturers. We also specialize in PC cases and towers, gaming motherboards, ultra-fast computer memory (RAM), AMD and Intel CPUs, and other gaming equipment.

GPU, or Graphics Card

A strong graphics card is essential to a good computer since it allows for fluid gameplay and excellent images. Fast computations are carried out by the graphics processing unit (GPU) to generate images and animations rapidly, freeing up system resources for other crucial functions. It is the most important component of a system since it creates the scenes and visuals you see on screen, which enables gameplay.

Gaming PCs typically employ graphics cards like NVIDIA GeForce RTXTM and AMD Radeon RX. While both kinds have quick processing times and excellent images, their features and functionalities differ. The decision between the two is primarily based on financial constraints and personal taste.

The ray tracing technology of NVIDIA GeForce RTXTM cards is well known for enabling more lifelike lighting and shadow effects in video games. To improve performance, they also offer DLSS technology and sophisticated AI capabilities. However, AMD Radeon RX cards have comparable state-of-the-art functionality. Nevertheless, a lot of people believe that they offer superior value for the money, which makes them a preferred alternative for gamers and video producers.

With our custom PC configurators, we provide a wide selection of graphics cards, such as the AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series, AMD Radeon RX 7000 Series, GeForce RTXTM 40 series, GeForce RTX^ 30 series, and GeForce GTXTM 16 series. AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series, AMD Radeon RX 7000 Series, GeForce RTXTM 40 series, GeForce RTXTM 30 series, and GeForce GTXTM 16 series.


A strong and effective processor, or CPU, is essential for a flawless experience. It is in charge of processing commands and data from other apps and the game. Because CPUs are made to process data at fast speeds, they need a lot of power to carry out various jobs and execute instructions, which makes it possible for players to play even the most demanding games without any interruptions.

The two top brands of CPUs are AMD and Intel. To meet various demands and price ranges, they both provide a large selection of CPUs with varying features, including clock speed, number of cores, and power consumption.

High clock rates and excellent single-core performance are characteristics of Intel CPUs, which occasionally result in superior performance. At the very top end of the performance spectrum, they are frequently regarded as the best option.

The choice between AMD and Intel CPUs ultimately comes down to personal preferences and needs, which include spending limit, type of games played, and other PC duties. Because of this, we provide a range of PC configurations with various CPUs.

Random Access Memory, or RAM for short, is an essential part of every computer because it enables fast data access; more RAM enhances multitasking and speeds up loading times.

8GB of RAM is regarded by players as the minimum requirement for AAA games. However, a capacity of 16–32GB is what we advise for best performance.

For the greatest memory on the market, check out the DDR5 RAM selection. The newest type of RAM, known as DDR5, offers better power efficiency, higher bandwidth, and faster speeds than earlier RAM generations. However, given that it is still relatively new, it might only work with specific motherboards or systems.

Make sure your motherboard is compatible with DDR5 RAM before upgrading. DDR5 RAM options from reliable brands like Corsair Vengeance and Kingston Fury are available in our PC configurator. It will confirm that it works with the parameters of your unique PC.

All things considered, a well-rounded gaming computer needs strong technology that can run contemporary games, effective cooling to avoid overheating, and enough storage for games and other programs. You can get help striking this balance from our team of professionals and selection of PC specs.

Get custom system builds based on your requirements from Frozen Computers in Preston, UK. Give us a call at (120) 801 – 1901) right now.

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Get custom system builds based on your requirements from Frozen Computers in Preston, UK. Give us a call at +447411880280 right now.

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