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Virtualization services in Preston

Virtualization Services

The technique of turning a computer system or server into a virtual machine by using software instead of hardware is called virtualization. It makes it possible for several operating systems to operate concurrently on a single device.

The goal of virtualization is to improve workloads and scalability while centralizing administrative responsibilities and lowering hardware expenses.The idea of partitioning, which divides a single physical server into several logical servers that each execute an operating system and applications separately, is the foundation of virtualization.

When compared to on-site systems, our virtualization services are more affordable, dependable, and secure while providing the same range of services.

Virtualization service

Server Virtualization Services

Frozen Computers offers practical consulting services to businesses seeking to lower expenses associated with their IT infrastructure and boost productivity. By moving to virtualization, you may reduce energy usage and IT infrastructure while also managing workloads across data centers.

Frozen Computers virtualization consulting services uses its experience with industry-leading technologies to provide end-to-end solutions. With a track record of success, we can assist businesses in making the transition to a virtualized IT environment and satisfy their need for more effective IT operations.

Application virtualization

In this scenario, servers host the programs, which are then streamed to the end user’s device via virtualization.

Desktop virtualization

In is a technique that divides the real computer from the desktop area of a computer. It is mostly utilized in data centers, where servers house customized desktop pictures for every user.

Hardware virtualization

In is the process of building virtual, as opposed to physical, versions of operating systems and computers. It allows multiple users to use the processor at once and attempts to run multiple operating systems on the same hardware.


Operating System (OS) virtualization

This technology allows businesses to do away with the need for separate servers for each OS by allowing them to run several OSs on a single server.

Network virtualization

The process of combining the resources that are available in a network by dividing the available bandwidth into separate channels that may be instantly given or reassigned to a specific server or device.

One physical server can be divided into multiple virtual servers using a technique called server virtualization. Each virtual server runs its own operating system, and apps, and serves as a stand-alone server.

The process of combining physical storage from several network storage devices such that it functions as though it is on a single storage device is known as storage virtualization.

Our IT Virtualization Services' characteristics

Frozen Computers provides clients with IT virtualization consulting services in Preston that are specifically tailored to their business requirements. You can profit from virtualization for all mission-critical business applications with the assistance of our domain experts.

Enhanced agility

Our services not only improve storage I/O performance but also allow the faster virtualization of important business applications.

Increased productivity

To guarantee increased productivity, we are concentrating on streamlining hardware consolidation and storage management.

Advanced resource optimization

By sifting through the available resources and splitting the available bandwidth into several channels, we guarantee advanced degrees of resource

Backup Support and Disaster Recovery

Appropriate handling and preservation of vital client data is guaranteed by the unbreakable backup and disaster recovery plan.

For its IT virtualization services, Veritis uses the following four phases of its strategy:

  • Analysis & Assessment: Following a thorough examination of the client’s IT environment, we offer an approximation of the infrastructure’s total cost of ownership, including startup costs.
  • Design: During this stage, we draft a thorough project plan and specify the approach that will be used to virtualize servers.
  • Deployment: Our team of professionals assists clients with the configuration, authentication, and installation of new infrastructure that satisfies performance standards.
  • Support: We collaborate with clients to choose the best support level for their workforce and skills, and we provide several tiers of support technology.

Advantages of Our Offerings

Our virtualization consulting services offer businesses seeking a dependable, reasonably priced, and secure environment several advantages.

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Frozen Computers IT architects and consultants can help your company design the ideal virtualization solution to meet all of your needs. To learn more about how to use our services, please get in contact with us. Reach out to us by email at nathanwood17@gmail.com  or by calling +447411880280.

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