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Remote Monitoring and Management Services in Preston

Our goal is to offer the best remote monitoring and management services possible. To ensure that Frozen Computers delivers round-the-clock monitoring with unparalleled dependability, quality, and transparency, we make investments in innovation, continuous training, and state-of-the-art technology.

Why is Using Remote Monitoring Services Necessary?

When a site’s building control and/or security systems are linked to a control center, also called a remote monitoring station, this is referred to as remote monitoring. The behavior at the site is then observed by knowledgeable operators in the control center.

The control center staff will look into any strange behavior right away and take the proper action, protecting your site at all times. We closely monitor systems like phone lines, lighting, temperature, access control, and CCTV as well as burglar alarms using the newest technology and skilled staff.

Additionally, we provide bespoke remote monitoring services, in which we design a remote monitoring system specifically for your site’s requirements. For instance, we can keep an eye on water levels if your facility is susceptible to flooding. Alternatively, in the event of a serious occurrence, we can offer emergency backup if your location has an internal monitoring station.

Data Migration Services in Preston

Our remote monitoring services meet the requirements of ISO9000 (Quality Management and Assurance) specified by the International Organization for Standards (ISO) as well as British Standards BS8418 and BS5979.

These requirements must be fulfilled if you need remote monitoring services for insurance purposes to avoid voiding your coverage. Additionally, selecting a reliable remote security camera monitoring provider may lower your insurance costs.

Are you ready to find out how remote monitoring services may provide your company with the security solution it needs?

How Does Remote Monitoring Work?

With round-the-clock live monitoring, you can feel confident knowing that your property is guarded at all times of day or night. Because you are not taking any chances with your property thanks to Frozen Computers, remote monitoring gives you the peace of mind that you need to sleep well at night.

Footage displaying live images is delivered to an operator’s screen upon detection of an intruder, who will then trigger the alarm. Before anything more is done, the intruder will usually first receive a live audio warning telling them to leave.

Usually, auditory alerts are sufficient to frighten and discourage the intruder; but, if they seem particularly hopeful, you are still in safe hands. Not only will the site key holder be called, but also the emergency services.

However, incidents like a fire outbreak and other natural causes will also be detected via remote surveillance, protecting criminal behavior as well. Similarly, our remote monitoring system guarantees a response time that is faster than the national average to protect your property.

Because of all of this, investing in remote property monitoring is essential and might save your company thousands, even millions, of pounds in lost revenue due to damage and higher insurance premiums. When you can have your business monitored day and night, why take the chance?

How May My Site Benefit from Remote Monitoring Services?

The security and management of any site or facility are enhanced by proactive issue detection and resolution. To learn more contact Frozen Computers at +447411880280.

Keeping an Eye on Remote Monitoring and Management Services

With our police-approved monitoring center, we can remotely watch your facilities, assets, and lone or vulnerable workers around the clock every day of the year. Additionally offered are hosting, monitoring, and customized call-handling services.

We have made significant investments in our technology and infrastructure because these specialized services are so important. We have also established clear disaster recovery plans, some of which are tested regularly.

Mains power resilience using a UPS and generator, ensuring a minimum of 24 hours of power
incoming call routing that can be instantly routed to a different number at the local and network levels of Preston; Weekly tests are conducted on call diverts. Every day, all incoming and outgoing phone lines are tested.

Monthly drills for disaster recovery plans, weekly testing of vital equipment, and failover procedures

Infrastructure As a Service and Security

Frozen Computers can provide a completely managed hosted solution by merging monitoring with our data center service. Our remote engineers and operators may oversee and administer your complete security solution by hosting your security system or giving you a cloud-based solution. Our experience helps you save money on hardware, ongoing infrastructure, and internal IT expenses.

Taking the Place of Manned Services

Without the necessity for hiring security guards or system operators permanently, remote monitoring can provide you with all the flexibility and convenience of round-the-clock protection. Any kind of security architecture can be seamlessly integrated with and supported by us via remote monitoring services in Preston.

Keeping An Eye On Accreditations

In addition to triple redundancy, Frozen Computers monitoring features a services-oriented network architecture. You may be sure that a police reaction will occur because the center is tested to the highest accreditations, including BS8418 for CCTV monitoring, BS8484 for lone workers, ISO27001 for data protection, and BS5979.

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