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Network Security Audits in Preston

Invest in a network security audit in Preston to protect your company, control the danger of online attacks, stop revenue loss, and lessen reputational harm.

What is a Network Security Audit?

The goal of a network security audit is to offer a thorough examination and analysis of the IT infrastructure of your company. It highlights flaws and high-risk behaviors by identifying threats and vulnerabilities. If a breach occurs and data is exploited, regulations like the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) may impose severe penalties.

A network security audit will show that your organization has taken the required precautions to protect customer and corporate data, helping to lessen the impact of a breach.

Our cyber security audits are customized to your company’s needs and aim to find any weaknesses that could lead to a breach. This can involve unauthorized access to private and sensitive data as well as any subpar internal procedures that might lead to staff mistakes that result in careless or unintentional breaches.

An external third party, like our team at Frozen Computers, should conduct network security audits since the findings of the audit serve as confirmation to management or stakeholders that your company’s defenses have been examined and are sufficiently protected.

What Advantages May a Network Security Audit Offer?

One of the primary goals of a security audit is to find any vulnerabilities in the networks of your company. You can then obtain a detailed understanding and overview of the systems and networks utilized by your organization, as well as further knowledge about how to address vulnerabilities, by carrying out a thorough cybersecurity audit.

An Outline of Network Security Audit

We break down our thorough network security audit into two main stages: vulnerability assessment and gap analysis. By locating the weaknesses and configuration problems that hackers use to get into your network, the Vulnerability Assessment service helps to avoid network attacks.

Phase 1: Evaluation of Vulnerabilities

Phase 2: Remedial Action Points for Network Security Audits

The Benefits Of A Security Audit For Your Company

Since ransomware and phishing attacks are more profitable than other forms of criminal activity, cybercriminals are further incentivized to commit cyberattacks and breaches. Assuring that a frequent cyber security audit is a component of your continuing cyber security defense plan is one way to stop attacks and breaches against your company.

These security measures have to be a component of your overall enterprise security plan, according to Frozen Computers. By seeing cyber security as a process rather than a stand-alone good or service, you can make sure that your company is routinely checked and audited for security breaches and other dangers to your networks and organization.

Audits of cyber security offer the following benefits:

Risk Control

For What Purposes is a Security Audit Intended?

Organizations that have not yet documented their internal and external risks, vulnerabilities, and threat exposure might benefit greatly from network security audits. It also applies to companies that have grown, putting in place different security measures and software, but are eventually overtaken by the amount of data handled in day-to-day contacts.

Why select Frozen Computers to support your company?

Our area of expertise lies in offering risk assessment and network security assessments to businesses across various sectors. Our security specialists comprehend the difficulties of protecting your organization's electronic data, from the initial consultation to determining your firm's susceptibility to a cyber-attack to being protected if an employee steals vital company information. Our cyber security audits, offer a thorough examination of an organization's security posture and have experience doing information security assessments.

Who Requires an Audit of Network Security
Who Requires an Audit of Network Security 2

Who Requires an Audit of Network Security?

You probably already know how crucial cyber security audits are if you are a management, shareholder, or owner of a company. Any business, company, or organization that wants to ensure the security of its networks and data must have them. Businesses can find vulnerabilities in their network architecture with the aid of a cyber security audit, which could be all a cybercriminal needs to get inside your company.

It is not surprising that there is now a higher danger when it comes to network security since an increasing number of firms are reporting that they have been the victim of a cyber attack. A cyber security audit is advised if you have recently made major adjustments to your company’s operations or if you just want to strengthen your defenses against cyberattacks.

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