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Macbook Keyboard Replacement in Preston

Macbook Keyboard Replacement Service

Depending on the model, MacBook keyboard replacements price differently. For certain models, the cost also includes replacing the keyboard or the MacBook top casing. Professional MacBook keyboard repair services are available at reasonable costs from Frozen Computers.

We have the entire selection of MacBook top cases and keyboards in stock. By making a reservation, we can swap out the keyboard in one working day. One of the parts of the MacBook that is used the most is the keyboard. The dedicated Apple MacBook keyboard will ultimately break down after being subjected to dust, filth, food, and liquids for an extended period.

The Apple laptop’s architecture makes replacing the keyboard a labor-intensive operation. Apple will not swap out the keyboard on its own for this reason. Rather, the entire top case assembly—which includes the top casing, keyboard, touchpad, and battery—will be replaced at a premium cost to customers by Apple stores and Apple-approved repairers.

Macbook Keyboard Replacement Service

For MacBook keyboard repair services, including MacBook Pro keyboard replacement, MacBook Air keyboard replacement, and MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard replacement, Frozen Computers provides reasonable rates. We will only replace the keyboard if your MacBook’s battery is functioning properly but the keyboard is broken. Consequently, you pay less. All of our work is guaranteed, and we provide same-day services.

The keyboard on a MacBook may occasionally stop working due to a malfunctioning trackpad. Rather than using the logic board (motherboard), Apple installs the keyboard controller and control firmware in the trackpad circuit. Thus, if the only button on your MacBook keyboard that works is the power button, your problem is probably with the trackpad rather than the keyboard.

Naturally, you must replace the keyboard if there are a few sticky keys or if any of the keys are not working, especially if there has been a splash of liquid on the keyboard. Speak with our knowledgeable Mac repair specialists if you have any questions.

Procedures for replacing the keyboard on a MacBook

Before we can access the keyboard to replace it, we must remove everything. This is a laborious task. Care must be taken to remove the MacBook screen and dedicated logic board if you wish to replace the keyboard yourself. Occasionally, we receive repair requests from do-it-yourself clients for physically broken logic boards. The majority of physically damaged boards are caused by knocked-off resistors, capacitors, or connectors, which leaves the board without power or malfunctioning.

Our team will use our external test drive to start up your MacBook when you bring it into our store. We can get rid of any software problems that might be causing the MacBook keyboard to malfunction after we have our error-free software up and running. Once the hardware problem with the keyboard has been verified, our knowledgeable specialists will take over the MacBook to replace the keyboard as described below.

  1. To avoid a short circuit to the logic board, open the rear casing and unplug the battery connector.
  1. Take out all of the connectors and screws, then take the logic board out of the case.
  1. Take off the screen component from the casing.
  1. Take out any I/O boards that may be present.
  1. Take off the speakers and cooling fans.
  1. Take the battery out of the enclosure.
  1. Take out the cord and touchpad.
  1. Fasten the upper case onto the surface. To break the rivets, grab the edge of the keyboard and pull firmly from the inside. Instead of using screws to attach the keyboard to the top case, Apple employs rivets. For this reason, before removing the keyboard, we must remove the screen assembly.
  2. Remove every last rivet on the top case using a specialized tool.
  1. Replace the keyboard and clean the top casing. Use small screws to secure the keyboard to the casing.
  1. Reassemble every part in the opposite sequence.
  1. Turn on the MacBook, and press each key to ensure it works and responds properly.

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