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Macbook Display Repair in Preston

Macbook Display Repair Service

The cost to replace the screen on a MacBook Pro ranges from $200 to $1200, while the cost to replace the screen on a MacBook Air depends on the model. Professional MacBook display repair in Preston is offered by Frozen Computers.

For any problems with the MacBook screen, we provide the best services. It’s critical to identify the problem accurately because a significant portion of display problems are not related to the screen itself. For instance, problems with the MacBook screen not having a backlight or dull image are rather prevalent, but the screen itself is not usually the problem.

The logic board’s lighting circuit is malfunctioning. Our specialty is the repair of logic boards. We can save you time and money by promptly determining whether the display problems are related to the logic board or the screen thanks to our equipment, knowledge, and skills.

Macbook Display Repair

For 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pros with displays that have Apple flexgate problems, we now provide MacBook flexgate repair services.

Replacement Screen for MacBook Pro in Preston

The cost of the screen assembly and installation is included in our MacBook Pro screen replacement costs. Every MacBook screen replacement comes with a warranty and is completed by highly skilled professionals. In Melbourne, we provide same-day Mac repair services for all MacBook Pro models. Make a MacBook screen reservation by giving us a call at +447411880280 right now.

Replacement screen for MacBook Air in Preston

The cost of the screen assembly and expert installation are included in our MacBook Air screen replacement costs. Following installation, we will evaluate every feature of the screen assembly, including the webcam and WiFi antenna signal strength.  We provide same-day services for all models of MacBook Air. To schedule an appointment before visiting our store, please give us a call.

Every MacBook Air screen replacement is covered by a warranty and is completed by highly skilled professionals. Two hours is the typical turnaround time for repairs.

What is Causing the MacBook Screen to Malfunction?

What is Causing the MacBook Screen to Malfunction

The screens of Apple MacBooks are a premium and dependable product. They usually won’t break down for no reason until they’ve been dropped or come into contact with fluids.  A physically damaged MacBook screen, such as one with a fracture, is easy to spot. Both the image and the cracks are visible. You most certainly require a MacBook screen replacement in this case.

Diagnosing other display problems, like a dark screen on a Mac or dull images, is more difficult because the symptoms could be caused by either the screen or the logic board’s video chip. Before changing the screen on your MacBook, seek professional guidance like Frozen Computers if any of the following symptoms are present.

  • A screen that flickers occasionally
  • A black or grey screen
  • Horizontal or vertical lines
  • No backlight on the screen

The best Macbook display repair expert in Preston is Frozen Computers. Whether the problem was caused by your logic board or screen, we can determine that with accuracy and speed. You would pay less to fix the display if the problem was caused by your Macbook display.

Fixing the MacBook display on most of the more recent MacBook models is far less expensive than replacing the screen. Our extensive selection of MacBook screen replacements will quickly restore functionality to your Mac laptop if your screen is broken.

MacBook Screen Replacements

The components of an assembled MacBook screen include an LCD panel, a webcam, and a wifi antenna.  An integrated wifi card and front glass are also features of a previous MacBook screen assembly.

You might not need to replace the entire screen assembly if your screen display is functioning well and just the webcam or WiFi antenna has to be replaced. To reduce the cost of your repairs, we can fix the malfunctioning parts on your behalf. Depending on the MacBook model, this kind of screen repair would set you back between $100 and $200.

Screen Repairs for MacBook Pros

Retina and non-retina screens are the two varieties of MacBook Pro screens. A non-retina screen is included with MacBook Pro models produced in 2012 and earlier. The A1278, A1286, and A1297 models are among them. A retina screen is standard on MacBook Pros made from 2012 onward. The A1425, A1502, A1398, A1706, A1707, A1708, A1989, A1990, A2141, A2159, and A2171 models are among them.

If your MacBook Pro screen isn’t retina, we can repair the cracked front glass panel, the burned or damaged screen cable, the malfunctioning webcam, or the malfunctioning wifi card or antenna for a reasonable price instead of having to replace the entire screen assembly.

We can replace the damaged or burned screen cable if your screen is retinal. Please be aware that only the MacBook models A1425, A1502, and A1398 are eligible for this kind of screen repair. Retinal screens made after 2016 are not returnable due to the screen cables.

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