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IT Security Consulting in Preston

IT Security Consulting

One of the most certified businesses in the sector, Frozen Computers who provide IT security consulting in Preston. Our on-premise, cloud, and operational technology environments are covered by our cyber security consultation services, which can be used to support transformation programs or satisfy industry standards.

In order to create a security-aware culture where organizational demands and objectives are balanced against a clear awareness and appreciation of applicable and emerging cyber risks, we make sure our strategy is adaptable and flexible enough to change as your needs do.

Important Issues Solved

In order to support their cyber security programs, our clients frequently need deep expertise. These programs frequently face difficulties in finding the correct talent at the right scale while yet adhering to regulatory standards.

This may make it more difficult for a client to develop the variety of cyber capabilities required for a successful program and to effectively guide their cyber security strategy, which could cause delays in security risk management and the achievement of business goals.

Sometimes, clients need more cyber security expertise to support their current teams. In these cases, they need to allocate more resources to continue running their businesses normally while a group of Frozen COmputersl consultants oversees a significant project or initiative for the company. We frequently assigns a group of advisors with varying degrees of experience and expertise to guarantee

How IT Security Operates

Frozen Computers offers a wide range of technical skills and approaches for cyber security consulting, which includes the capacity to bring about constructive changes in cyber security.

The application of industry control frameworks, international standards, and particular program requirements is the main emphasis of many cyber security advisory engagements. Rather, we creates customized strategies to assist in fulfilling the particular needs of each of our clients.

We collaborate with each customer to create a customized solution that guarantees that our services acknowledge and support their business objectives and that our clients’ business outcomes are taken into account at every stage of the engagement. We have deep knowledge of cloud computing, critical infrastructure, operational technology, cyber threat intelligence, and incident response among our consulting teams.

In order to guarantee that security is incorporated into the design of our clients’ programs and that they produce the desired results, we frequently assigns a team of consultants with varying levels of experience and expertise.

Boost your internal and external cyber security resiliency

Every 19 seconds, cyberattacks successfully target small businesses in the United Kingdom. The average cost of each attack to the company to remedy is approximately £25,000.

Because of the constantly changing threat landscape and the “smart” devices we use on a daily basis, safeguarding organizations from IT security is getting harder and, in some circumstances, more expensive.

To accommodate the various demands of various organizations across business sectors, Frozen Computers offers a variety of tailored cyber security consulting services. Among them are:

Through efficient cyber security risk management, we can assist your company in realizing the following advantages:

A greater awareness of cyber dangers and their effects

Being more prepared to recover from a cyberattack with greater ease Lower exposure to cyberattacks for your company Lower cyber security risk for your organization, which lowers total business risk Lower cyber insurance costs Higher chances of winning a tender

The broad expertise and experience of Frozen Computers cyber security experts, who hold certifications in numerous fields, will be beneficial to clients. These include:

We’re at the forefront of all new advancements in the field of cyber risk management as a top cyber security firm in the UK.

We can bring you the most up-to-date counsel and direction that is best suited for your company and its culture by hiring cyber security consultants with certified expertise and experience across several disciplines.

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By working together, we can advance the cyber security maturity of your company. For IT security consulting services in Preston you can give a call to Frozen Computers at +447411880280 or send us an email at nathanwood17@gmail.com..

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