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IT Asset Management Services in Preston

Frozen Computers provides services for IT asset management in Preston that are fully integrated. Though your company has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in technology, are you making the most of your IT expenditures?

It is essential to gather inventory data and monitor contract statuses during an asset’s life cycle. Better IT asset management (ITAM) and tracking of hardware, software, licenses, ticket history, and even non-IT assets are made possible by centralizing your asset data.

Automate to Increase Productivity

Using your Windows, iOS, and Chrome OS devices, track and tag hundreds of distinct hardware attributes, software titles, and user and location histories.

Control the service levels in contracts.

Gathering vendor information, warranties, lease conditions, and agreements in one place will save you time and ensure that documents are current.

Increase the visibility of your assets

By automatically capturing and compiling each asset’s incident history, you may expedite problem resolution and adjustments inside service desk requests.

A solitary, online platform

Count the number of computers, servers, laptops, mobile devices, networking equipment, and other tech assets in your company’s inventory of hardware and software.

Boost the timeframes and rates of resolution

Moving, adding, or changing configurations is made simpler with IT asset management in Preston, which also enables more efficient incident and problem management.

Reduce the cost of IT service management (ITSM).

You may prevent needless maintenance costs and fines by keeping better track of software licenses and warranties with the help of an asset management approach.

Lower the expense of ITSM, or IT service management.

By keeping better track of software licenses and warranties with the use of an asset management method, you may avoid unnecessary maintenance expenditures and fines.

Obtain the complete image

Create a comprehensive, accurate database that lists all assets together with the current owners.

Obtain the entire picture

Make an accurate, thorough database with a list of all assets and their current owners.

Get the full image

Create a complete, reliable database with a list of all the assets and their present owners.

Obtain the Complete Picture

Make a thorough, trustworthy database that includes a list of all the assets and their current owners. Discover how to improve issue resolution, expedite troubleshooting, and streamline ticketing to increase productivity across the geographically distributed company.

Wisdom comes from experience. Here are a few things we now know.

Practical Fixes for Typical Monitor Screen Issues

With our IT Asset Management (ITAM) services, you regain command over your company. We can guarantee that you have a best-practice approach to managing your infrastructure, providing clear insights into compliance, cost optimization potential, utilization, security, and governance through our assessments and services.

Baseline Assessment of Licenses

An analysis of your license status based on entitlement and software implemented, using data to pinpoint areas of risk and overspending.

Evaluation of License Optimization

Expanding upon the present condition documented in the baseline evaluation to maximize the license position of your intended future state.

Defense Audit

Providing best practices and knowledgeable advice for handling vendor audits.

Evaluation of Software Consolidation

It is finding long-tail software for cost optimization and consolidation that has overlapping functions.

ITAM Process Maturity Evaluation and Execution

By comparing your present ITAM procedures to best practices and providing recommendations in support, you can accelerate ITAM maturity.

Evaluation of O365 User Persona License

Reducing the cost of your Office 365 subscription by user-to-use case mapping.

Evaluation of Cloud Economics

Figuring out the licensing and financial ramifications of moving current on-premise deployments to the public cloud.

Managed SAM Intelligence Service

For both strategic and longtail software providers, our SAM-as-a-service concept transfers the operational responsibility of license compliance, optimization, and software consolidation to our team of experts.

Managed Cloud Intelligence Service

You will always have a clear, single-pane view of your cloud use across Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform thanks to this continuous Cloud Intelligence-as-a-Service paradigm.

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