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Battery Replacement Macbook in Preston

Battery Replacement Macbook Service

It’s best to wait before throwing your MacBook in the trash if the battery runs out. If still under warranty, you can either bring your entire computer back to your local Apple shop or take advantage of Frozen Computers’ prompt, easy, and reasonably priced MacBook battery replacement service in Preston.

Is the battery life on your MacBook not as good as it used to be? Your MacBook may have been alerting you to the need to replace the battery since it’s becoming worse. As soon as you notice these symptoms, if you don’t get a new battery, your MacBook will quickly need a power cord to function.

If your MacBook has a new USB-C charger, this is a major annoyance; if it has a MagSafe charger, this is a completely different story. You might completely ruin the device and lose all the progress you’ve made on your Mac if you slip or move these chargers out of their ports.

The good news is that several MacBook models, including the MacBook Pro, MacBook, and MacBook Air devices, have interchangeable batteries.

Battery Replacement Macbook Service

Our replacement battery service for MacBooks

Frozen Computers provides MacBook battery replacement for all MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models manufactured. We’ve examined and tested every battery on the market to determine which is the best fit for every Mac, and as a testament to our dedication to our service, we provide a 3-year warranty.

When it comes to warranty, our MacBook battery replacement service provides you with 12 times what Apple does. Please contact our staff right now if you need a battery replacement service that is both economical and efficient! For your convenience, we also provide a free pickup and dropoff service for MacBook battery replacements.

What is the Price of Replacing a Mac Battery?

For MacBooks, including the bigger 15-inch models and retina Macs, replacement batteries typically cost well under £100, while labor costs are typically in the region of £150. Some MacBook Pro models, however, require more expensive batteries, and it can be quite the workout to remove the battery cells from some of these models.

MacBook batteries come in a variety of pricing and manufacturers. However, even though some might be debatably superior to the original MacBook battery, some are downright unsafe and could seriously harm your priceless device. 

Not to mention that they could catch fire at any time. The most important thing to consider while replacing your Mac’s battery is safety. Frozen Computers offers expert guidance on MacBook battery replacement to guarantee the security of your laptop.

Does Replacing a MacBook Battery Make Sense?

The battery replacement for your MacBook is among the most cost-effective and valuable fixes that it may require over time. Certain repairs might not be worth the money because they indicate that the MacBook might be past its prime and can cost as much as buying the entire gadget used.

Conversely, batteries inevitably deteriorate with time. An excessive number of charge cycles that render the lithium-ion cells useless during the charging process is typically the reason for this reduction in battery life.

Batteries have several cells that align when charged to retain power, which is the simplest way to explain this process. As time passes, an increasing number of these cells become out of alignment, ultimately rendering this power completely ineffective.

Additionally, battery problems are fairly simple to resolve in all Mac models. The common solution for a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air that doesn’t last as long as it used to is a battery replacement. While other repairs can be difficult to detect and have a variety of causes, replacing your laptop’s batteries is usually a one-time remedy that won’t break the bank.

Can the Battery in a MacBook Be Changed?

Can the Battery in a MacBook Be Changed

You may change the batteries in any MacBook. When your battery starts to lose capacity after several charge cycles, a service battery indicator should typically appear on your laptop. By selecting the battery symbol on your laptop and looking at the Battery Health, you can also see how well your battery is doing.

You’ll need to start looking to have it replaced at this time. When these alerts appear, you will unavoidably have a MacBook that can only be used when plugged into the mains, and your Mac will notify you that the battery needs to be changed.

When charging your MacBook using a charger, be careful—even a small knock or yank on the power cord might cause your laptop to crash and wipe out any work you may have saved.

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